Social Knowledge Activated

WYMIWYG Reto Bachmann is a one man software company specialized in Semantic Web Technologies and the emerging Social Web. I have been active in various open Source project around Semantic Web technolgies and exploring decentralized social network for the last 10 years.

With a strong background in object oriented development and 15 years of experience with web development and standards, I can help bring cutting edge technologies into applications that bring benefits by connecting social knowledge.

Currently I'm active in the communities around Apache Clerezza, Any23, Sling and Stanbol. Earlier projects include WYMIWYG KnoBot and MIES. The projects are connected by a vision of better coping with information growth. Determining the social and semantic context of content is the key for information to be an asset rather than a paralysing overload.

You'll soon find more information on this site, in the meantime get in touch with me by email: